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A Mapp of New England
A Mapp of New England
A Mapp of New England
New England (USA).

“A Mapp of New England”.

pre 1675.
Copper engraving, coloured.
Publ.: John Seller, Hydrographer to the King.
New York, Public Library.
The children of Charles I of England
Queen Victoria of England with her family
The Queen of England visiting Paris
George IV becomes King of England on January 31, 1820
Portrait of Princess Anne of England
Fire Over England
The family life of Queen Victoria of England
Rekrutenwerbung in England
“Portrait of the three eldest children of Charles I of England”
Christmas celebrations in England
Prince Charles of England and Princess Anne / Photo
The funeral of the Queen of England: The cortege is drawn t
Queen Elizabeth I of England reviews her troops
Treaty between John of England and Otton IV. of Brunswick
Hengist and Horsa Reach England
New England Scenery
The Confirmation of Princess Victoria of England in the Cha
A Portrait of James I of England, VI of Scottland
Hengist and Horsa land in England
A Portrait of James I of England and VI of Scotland
England’s Glory
Caricature of George IV of England
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