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Norman boat, 9th century
Norman boat, 9th century
Norman boat, 9th century
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“Norman boat, 9th century”.

Picture postcard after a painting by Christopher Rave (1881–1933).
No. 18 of the series: Marine-Galerie.
Military clothing, France, 9th–13th century
Chestnut Grove 9th June 1848
Crumbling Brick Pagoda, Sung Dynasty
Statue of 29th Dynasty King Psamuthis
Seal Impression of the 26th Dynasty
Scarab of a 17th Dynasty King
Self-Portrait, Medallion, No.1, 9th plate
North American War: bayonet attack by the 9th (German) Ohio
Thomas Howard, 3rd Earl of Effingham and 9th Baron Howard
Company C, 9th Indiana Infantry (Sherman's Veterans)
New York State Militia, 1st Division, 9th Regiment, 3rd Brigade
of 951
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